can you refinance after bankruptcy

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. financial stability lenders look for when they first approve you for credit is also important after bankruptcy, Buchko says. Here are some steps you can take to improve your credit after.

If you’ve already received a discharge from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to wait eight years from the date you filed before you can file another Chapter 7. voluntarily dismissed the previous.

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If still you find your payments unmanageable and want to refinance your student loans after bankruptcy, it can be challenging. Most student loan lenders won’t consider refinancing after bankruptcy. Other lenders put significant hurdles in place to make it much more difficult.

FHA loans are subject to rules for after-bankruptcy refinancing. It’s entirely possible to get an affordable government-backed FHA loan for a refinance after declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but you’ll need to do three things: Wait two years after your discharge, re-establish good credit during that time and avoid taking on more debt.

Refinance Car After Bankruptcy To refinance a car after bankruptcy can be more difficult, but you still may be able to benefit from an auto loan refinance. If you have a discharged bankruptcy, tax lien, or just plain bad credit, you can still get approved. You may be able to get refinanced through what is called a "high risk" underwriter.

The bottom line. Refinancing your mortgage can make a lot of sense if you are able to secure a new loan with a lower interest rate, a lower monthly payment or better terms. A bankruptcy doesn’t change the benefits of refinancing, but it could slow down the process for you. Before you refinance your mortgage after bankruptcy,

PG&E says several financial institutions have expressed high confidence they can raise $35 billion to $40 billion of both debt and equity capital to satisfy claims, refinance indebtedness, and address.

If you’re on the verge of bankruptcy because you cannot handle your current debts and you have poor credit, you might not qualify to refinance. Filing either type of bankruptcy can be a benefit in this situation, and so refinancing after bankruptcy if you have bad credit may be helpful.

With bankruptcy, your debt is eliminated, allowing you to rebuild a new credit history. However, discharged bankruptcies can stay on credit histories for up to 10 years. Getting a home mortgage is.