What Is A General Discharge

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Types of Discharges in the Marines | Chron.com – A "Bad Conduct Discharge" constitutes a punitive discharge given to enlisted Marines by a general or special court-martial. Marines who commit serious offenses, such as drug abuse, aggravated assault or grand theft, for which they serve time in a "brig," or military prison are issued the bad conduct discharge.

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Man pleads to conspiring to rob a taxi driver – In return, prosecutors dropped more serious counts of armed robbery and aggravated discharge of a firearm.In addition to the.

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Student Loan Cosigner – The debt doesn’t necessarily go away if the borrower dies In general, federal student loans have death discharge provisions.

SLO police chief disciplined for losing gun at a restaurant – but she’ll keep her job – Johnson said Cantrell violated one policy, stating “the handgun shall be carried concealed at all times and in such a manner.

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What does a general discharge from the military mean? – Quora – I wouldn’t go as far as the other comments. There are a number of kinds of discharges. The worst one is a Bad Conduct Discharge (the BCD or big chicken dinner). Getting that means you had one or more major violations of the UCMJ and found guilty a.

What You Need To Know About Other-Than-Honorable Discharge. – General Discharge. If a service member’s performance is satisfactory but the individual failed to meet all expectations of conduct, the discharge is considered a general discharge. To receive a general discharge from the military, there has to be some form of nonjudicial punishment to correct unacceptable military behavior.

Is a general discharge an honorable discharge? | AnswersDrive – A General discharge isn’t enough, and unlike all other VA benefits, you cannot become eligible for the GI Bill through a successful Character of Discharge decision. If you have a less than Honorable discharge, the only way to get GI Bill eligibility is to get a discharge upgrade from your service department.

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Military discharge – Wikipedia – A general discharge may or may not preclude a veteran’s participation in the GI Bill, service on veterans’ commissions, and other programs for which an honorable discharge is required, but is eligible for VA disability and most other benefits.