Whats The Prime Rate

A Fin24 user wants to know what the prime interest rate is. She writes: What is the prime interest rate? Jacques du Toit, Absa’s property analyst, responds: The prime overdraft rate or simply prime rate is the lowest rate at which a clearing bank will lend to its clients on overdraft.

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The prime overdraft rate or simply prime rate is the lowest rate at which a clearing bank will lend to its clients on overdraft. Banks are free to set the prime rate at their own discretion, but in practice competition usually forces different banks to set the same prime rate. The rate at which ordinary clients.

Prime is the Fed’s base rate for consumer loans, to which banks add a margin. When banks lend to each other, they use the discount rate.

This prime rate is derived from the federal funds effective rate, which is the interest rates at which banks lend money to each other. The Federal Reserve provides guidance on what the Fed Funds rate should be set at – or a Federal Funds target rate.

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The prime rate is a key lending rate that’s used to set many variable interest rates, such as the rates on credit cards.. Banks have kept the prime at 5.5% since December, when the Federal Reserve last raised interest rates.. Now that Fed policymakers have cut rates by one-quarter of one percentage point, banks are almost certain to respond with a similar reduction in the prime rate, to 5.25%.

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 · The prime rate is typically around 3% higher than the federal funds rate. Currently, the federal funds rate is 2.5% and the prime rate is 5.5%. What loans use the prime rate? Any variable-rate personal or business loan might use the prime rate as a benchmark. It’s also common with mortgages and other types of home loans.