Improve Your New Home With Lighting

Moving into a brand new home is not only exciting, it is also a wonderful opportunity to fill a home with your own special ideas and designs. In addition, in your new home you have the opportunity to use your own style of lighting, one that creates your identity and creativity.

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Lighting styles to consider

When it comes to accentuating and highlighting your home, there are several lighting styles to consider such as ambient, accent, task, aesthetic and natural. You can use lighting to create your own atmosphere but first it is important to decide you individual needs and where you want to place them.

How is ambient and accent lighting used?

Ambient lighting are lights that give a room a warm glow. An example of ambient lighting is paper lanterns or dimmers placed in certain areas of a room. Dimmers give a quiet and peaceful look. On the other hand, accent lighting is directional lighting that highlights certain objects like paintings or unusual architectural features. Table lamps and halogen spotlights are great ways to achieve that special look.

How to use task, aesthetic and natural lighting?

Task lighting is essential when performing daily activities such as cooking or reading. One example of task lighting is placing a light at a desk or near a dining room table to work on taxes or other important matters. One effective way to highlight works of art is with aesthetic lighting. For example, use a spotlight to illuminate a statue on a pedestal or a portrait on the wall. Natural light such as from the sun or from candles provide a clean look and can be quite effective; however, this kind of light depends on the time of day and the season.

How light affects our feelings and emotions

Many studies have been done which show how the quality of light affects people. In addition, good lighting also enhances the mood and desirability of spaces. Most importantly, lighting adds to a person's sense of well-being. This is especially important after moving into a new home and undergoing the many steps required to finish a home.

To conclude, moving into a brand new home is not only exciting, it is also a wonderful opportunity to fill a home with your ideas and designs. Talk with an interior designer or search a local furniture store for the many creative ways to brighten your home.